Ramses II, the great warrior king of Egypt

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Ramses II was one of the most famous pharaohs of Egypt, known for being the great warrior king and at the same time the enslaver of the Hebrew people. He had several monuments built during his reign that were so spectacular that his remains continue to amaze millions of people today. Interestingly, although he obtained the kingship, he was not the first-born male, he had an older brother whose name and history were lost.

His father, Seti I made sure that Ramses II came to the throne and made sure to give him military experience from a young age. From the age of 14 he accompanied his father in military campaigns in Libya and Palestine, at 22 he was already leading his own campaigns in Nubia. Along with the scepter and the whip (Symbols that were given to the monarchs), he received four names: «powerful armed bull of justice», «defender of Egypt», «rich in years and victories» and «chosen of Ra» .

The reign of Ramses II

The reign of the monarch is the only one that is followed almost annually through official texts, which stands out for its exceptionality. His task as king was to ensure the well-being of the population by avoiding the lack of food and the absence of disease.

Ramses II used his great political, economic, and military power to extol his divine status and the importance of his family and kingdom. In honor of the pharaoh, sanctuaries and temples were built that show his divine origin. His first wife was Nefertari, who died early. Another of his wives was Isinofre, who bore him four children, including his successor, Merenpta. Ramses II lived so long that many of his descendants died before him as he died almost a hundred years old. His mummy was discovered in 1881 and he was indeed an old man with a long face and a prominent nose.