The Plaque of San Juan

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From Kampa, the shortest route leads to the Charles Bridge, the oldest surviving bridge in Prague, the magic of which can best be appreciated in the morning mist or in the night light of the street lamps. If we access from the side of the Malá Strana bridge tower and count up to the eighth statue on the left, we will find ourselves in front of San Juan de Nepomuceno. Touching the statue’s plate brings good luck, but if you want your secret wish to come true, take a few more steps and on the same side you will find a black grid with five stars and a relief depicting Saint John Nepomuk drowning. Touch everything with your finger and then place your left palm on the cross on the parapet below the grill. The wish that you will express at that time will surely be fulfilled. Four statues ahead, always on the left side of the bridge, is Santa Ana, who is the patron saint of pregnant women and intercedes for a happy marriage and a happy married life.